Let your mind, body, and soul thrive on the services offered at Zen Movement!

Make your day a bit brighter and healthier by joining in for a group yoga class!  Classes are fully guided and the room is kept at about 76 degrees. Safety, adaptability, and progressive movement patterns help you build your yoga practice over time. Read up on the current variety of class styles here and check the class schedule to find the best fit for you! 

Aka Thai massage, aka Lazy Man's Yoga... For days when yoga just isn't enough.

Great for injury recovery and prevention, stress, anxiety and depression, energetic alignment, restful sleep, stiffness and pain, headaches, and much more!

By appointment with Stephanie. Learn more.

Like many thing, yoga is not one size fits all. Yoga for You sessions are customized just for you! Enjoy a session or two and apply what you learn in the group class environment.

Learn more about how Stephanie can add value, curiosity, and confidence to your ever-expanding yoga practice. 

The knowledge of yoga goes far beyond the environment of weekly group classes. Special events such as workshops, series, and gatherings encourage you to get to know the community, learn new things, and heighten your yoga experience. Check the calendar for what's coming soon. Be sure to join the mail list to stay notified!

From class packages to monthly memberships, there is a variety of pricing options available that will meet your needs and lifestyle.

Check out the pricing menu here.

Does everything look good to you? Want to try it all? The Service Sampler Package is a great place to start!

Commit to your own wellness and enjoy four custom sessions at a discounted rate. Thai bodywork, Yoga for You, Alignment, and a Zen Session. Learn more!