Can't decide which wellness service to start with? Why not try them all by enjoying a Service Sampler Package at a discounted rate!

For $275 you can try out each of Stephanie's services ($340 value). This is a well-rounded wellness experience that will nurture your self-care and yoga practices. No yoga experience necessary. To help with continuity and personal commitment, It is recommended to schedule your appointments within a 1-2 months time. All sessions run about 60 minutes.


Thai Bodywork

Stephanie's signature treatment. Aka Thai massage. Let your body rest and restore, while someone else does the healing work! This bodywork is performed fully clothed, no use of scents or oils, and is adapted to individual needs. 

Alignment Clinic

Align your body, breath, and mind. Review your posture. Receive breathing instruction and techniques catered to your lifestyle. Experience a guided meditation or relaxation. Introduction to yoga philospohy.

Yoga for You

A discussion and practicum based session. A time for you to ask Stephanie your questions about yoga, as well as for her to give you personalized feedback and guidance to where you are in your practice. Learn what poses, sequences, or technique serve you best!

Zen Retreat

For complete luxury, pampering, and relaxation. A custom restorative yoga practice in the private studio space. During the hour, settle into gentle and comfortable yoga poses that are low to the ground and fully supported with bolsters and blankets. Stephanie will guide you through breathing and relaxation practices, while also adding some Thai massage and essential oils upon request.