Zen Movement Studio is a place for you to take care of yourself and be a part of conscious community. We can create a zen movement of body and breath, as well as create a movement of zen within our communities. The movement within us and around us is all susceptible to change. Here at Zen Movement Studio, you have the opportunity to practice peace, cultivate inner stillness, and travel the upward spiral of personal freedom. With mindful practices such as yoga, meditation, and healing arts, we learn to move through life with a greater ease. As we commit to our own personal practices of health and wellness, we grow in ways that encourage us to be a stable, adaptable, and zen element of the ever-changing movement around us. 





New Member Info

There are several ways to get started at Zen Movement Studio. Drop in for some group classes, schedule a private consultation, or enjoy a Thai bodywork session. All new member services come at a discounted rate for you to familiarize yourself with the range of offerings here at the studio. We look forward to meeting you!



The primary intention is of Zen Movement Studio is to share awareness, mindfulness, and self-care as they stem from yogic ethics and lifestyle. Align your being through conscious movement, breath, and relaxation. Practice the art of inner peace and support your personal growth with a likeminded community.

The services and education offered are designed to bring you to the present moment as well as challenge you in ways that promote transformation and strength. We hope that the more time you spend at Zen Movement Studio, the more transformation you will experience!



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Hi! I'm Stephanie Williams, owner and founder of Zen Movement Studio. Although I've been teaching yoga and offering Thai massage since 2012, movement and a need for calm have been in my life ever since I can remember. Life has taken me around the world in an eclectic and self-explorative kind of way. I am now settled in my hometown of Bloomfield Hills and committed to sharing with others how the teachings of yoga can change one's life for the better. It did for me! 

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